We are now accepting article proposals for our blog!

What is the LAPJ?

The Latin America Policy Journal (LAPJ) is a student-led publication at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS) that brings together students, faculty members, policymakers, and practitioners, who share their views on the most pressing problems of the Americas. Discussion topics come from a variety of areas such as policy, economics, culture, development, politics, foreign affairs, among others. The purpose of the Journal is to give visibility to diverse perspectives and to encourage thought-provoking debates and discussions among community members. The Journal is based on the principles of truth, inclusiveness, and freedom of speech, which ensures that the content published is substantial and reliable.

What is the purpose of the blog?

The blog aims to reflect on a variety of topics by making the voices of Latin-American students heard and by sharing the most outstanding stories of our region. We intend to start a spirited conversation between the Harvard community and key stakeholders in the hemisphere, and invite students to use the blog as a window to express their opinions, advocate for their ideals, and learn from new and different perspectives.

How to publish a blog post?

All pieces must be original, unpublished, and should refer to current affairs on policy, politics, development or similar disciplines in the Americas. Blog posts will follow the same format as an Op-Ed. Please follow the conditions and instructions below to submit to your blogging proposal:


  • Articles must be submitted in English.
  • Minimum 700 words | Maximum 1,000 words
  • Articles must include a title and the name of the author.
  • Citations: please avoid foot notes and include hyperlinks instead.
  • Include a short bio of the author at the end.
  • Graphs and other images are optional.


  • Step 1 – Prepare your article and bio in a Word document (not PDF).
  • Step 2 – Name the file with your last name followed by title of the blog post.
  • Step 3 – Save your pictures separately in .jpg or .png formats
  • Step 4 – Ensure that Email’s subject follow this format: “LAPJ: Blog Post – [Your Name]”
  • Step 5 – Send the Email with all the materials attached to lapj@hks.harvard.edu

NOTE: the Journal intends to lead discussions both throughout its printed edition and its blog. It will launch the Call for Proposals for the seventh printed edition in early November, which will be ultimately published in April 2018. Feel free to contact us now if you wish to publish an article the printed edition.