Call for Article Proposals: Printed Edition

Deadline: January 15 2018

We are now accepting article proposals for our Spring 2018 Edition. Submit yours now!                                    

What is the LAPJ?
The Latin America Policy Journal (LAPJ) is a student-led publication at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS) that brings together students, faculty members, policymakers, and practitioners, who share their views on the most pressing problems of the Americas. Discussion topics come from a variety of areas such as policy, economics, culture, development, politics, foreign affairs, among others. The LAPJ intends to start a spirited conversation between the Harvard community and key stakeholders in the hemisphere, and invite students to use the Journal as a window to express their opinions, advocate for their ideals, and learn from new and different perspectives.

What is the purpose of our publication?
The seventh edition of the LAPJ will focused on Shifting Winds in Latin America. We are accepting pieces that put the most outstanding policy and political dynamics observed in the region at the core of the analysis. Yet, here is a suggested list of topics that we encourage you to consider when preparing your article:

  • Shifting political tides in the Western hemisphere
  • Boosting productivity for sustainable development
  • Gender equality: empowerment, roles, and representation
  • Macroeconomic stabilization and reform
  • Climate change and natural disasters: risk-management and resilience
  • Corruption scandals and popular discontent (e.g. FIFA Gate, Odebrecht, Panama Papers)
  • Drug policy reform after the War on Drugs
  • Innovation in social policy
  • Freedom of speech and the role of Media in the Post-Truth era
  • Migration: new paths across the continent
  • US and Latin America relations in the Trump era
  • Shaping the Metropoli: cities and mega-events

Note: if you have a topic in mind which is not reflected in the list above, feel free to contact us to share your idea and submit your proposal.

What are the selection criteria?
The best pieces will be selected based on (i) the relevance of the topic; (ii) originality, sophistication, and style of the argument(s) and (iii) the  contribution to scholarship and policy-making on Latin American issues.

How to publish an article?
All pieces must be original, unpublished, and should be in accordance to the theme of this publication. Articles are to be submitted in English. We strongly encourage submissions from writers of all backgrounds, including scholars, policy makers, civil servants, journalists, advocates, and students. Pieces should fit into one of the categories outlined below and respect the corresponding format:

Research Papers

  • Include a title, subtitles, and the name of the author
  • 1,500 – 2,500 words | Double-spaced pages | Font size: 11
  • Citations: use endnotes. Chicago Manual Style 17th Edition (full note)
  • Add a Bibliography at the end.
  • All figures, tables, and charts must be submitted as separate files.
  • Please submit no more than 4 figures or tables.
  • Include an abstract of no more than 100 words.

Commentaries, Interviews or Short Essays

  • Include a title and the name of the author (interviewee when applicable)
  • 900 – 1,500 words | Double-spaced pages | Font size: 11
  • Graphs, pictures, and images are optional. Submit them as separate files

Opinion Editorial

  • Include a title and the name of the author
  • 700 – 1,000 words | Double-spaced pages | Font size: 11
  • Citations: use endnotes. Chicago Manual Style 17th Edition (full note)
  • Include a short bio of the author at the end.
  • Graphs, pictures, and other images are optional. Submit them as separate files


  • Original and in accordance to the theme of this publication
  • High-resolution digital images (300 dpi) in .jpg files.
  • A description of the image, title author, year and medium

Submission process

All submissions must comply with the following in order to be considered:

  1. Prepare your article submission in a word document (not PDF) .
  2. Save it together with its complementary materials in a zip folder. Label the folder with your last name, followed by the country/region name, and the topic at hand.
  3. Draft an Email with the subject “LAPJ: Article Proposal – [Your Name]”. Include your full name, professional headshot, and contact details (address, e-mail, and phone number).
  4. Don’t forget to attach the consent form signed by the author.
  5. Please submit all the documents above mentioned to by January 15, 2018.
  6. Contact us by Email should you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: Authors are required to cooperate with editing and fact checking, and to comply with the Journal-mandated deadlines. Authors who fail to meet these requirements may not be published.