LAPJ 2017-2018 Edition

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Table of Contents


Rethinking Institutions to Rebuild Trust and Foster Citizen Well-being in Latin America
by Ángel Gurría

The Venezuelan Crisis: An Opportunity to Defend Democracy and Stand for Human Rights in Latin America
by Luis Almagro

“Always Do What You Feel is Right, No Matter How Unpopular it May Turn Out to Be”
An interview with Juan Manuel Santos

Rethinking Public Sector Management in Argentina: The Role Of Leadership And Coordination In The Governance Improvement Of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
by Gustavo Sebastián Lopetegui and Sebastian López Azumendi

Growth-Redistribution Balance and Shifting Coalitions: A View from Chile
by Rodrigo Valdés

Three Critical Ingredients for a Successful Education Reform
by Jaime Saavedra


Technology and the Future of Work: Why Do We Care?
by Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Luca Sartorio

The (Un)expected Economic Consequences of the Recent Expansion of Higher Education in Latin America
by Ricardo Espinoza and Sergio Urzúa

How to Manage Urban Development in Central America: Using Remotely Sensed Data to Better Understand Cities
by Jessica Grisanti and Devyn Paros

Bright Mirror: How Latin America is Enhancing Digital Democracy
by Cecilia Nicolini and Matías Bianchi

Towards Measuring Economic Policy Uncertainty in Latin America: A First Little Step
by Álvaro Silva


“The Future of Latin America Depends on its Ability to Discover How to Evolve its Comparative Advantage”
An interview with Ricardo Hausmann

Is Latin America Ready for the Technological Tsunami?
by Isabel Guerrero and Sandra Naranjo

The Andean Death Valley: Are Latin American Entrepreneurs Destined to Fail?
by Juliana Castro

Brazil’s Age of Extremes: The Disputed Institutional Legacy of the Crisis
by João Moraes Abreu

Tackling Financial Exclusion in Paraguay: Banks with Souls and the Role of Public Financial Institutions as a Means to Reach the Underserved
by Juan Manuel Gustale Cardoni

Social Impact Bond in Latin America
by Isabel Opice


Border Stories Project: Biking along the U.S.-Mexico Border
by José Antonio Alfaro