LAPJ 2018-2019 Edition

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Table of Contents

Editorial Note
By the LAPJ Editorial Board


“People know much more about the backroom deals that sustain policies, and they’re not willing to tolerate it”
An interview with Steven Levitsky

Latin America’s Challenging External Environment: Old and New Forces
By Carmen M. Reinhart

Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate as a Shock Absorber
By Rodrigo Vergara

The Sustainable Projects Management Office
By José Ramón Valente and Juan José Obach

Invisible Walls: The hyper-density of Colombian cities and what it means to you
By Simón Gaviria

Commitment to deliver: governance innovation in Buenos Aires
By Martin Alessandro and Fernando Straface

Energy Innovation: the case for regional leadership and the tool to boost productivity to advance long-term growth
By Leonardo Beltrán



Latin American cities in the fourth industrial revolution: The potential and social risks of smart-cities technologies
By Beatriz Botero Arcila

‘Still not there’, Low female labor participation and culture in Chile
By Daniela Paz and Clara Gianola

Regional opportunities: identifying promising local industries to improve Argentina’s economic complexity
By Gonzalo Huertas and Fernando Irarrázaval

The Venezuelan Exodus in Peru: A First Approximation
By José Luis Bacigalupo and Patricio M Goldstein

3D Titling. Comments on the Introduction of the Transfer of Development Rights to Peru
By José Carlos Fernández


The Nicaraguan Crisis: An Unexpected Awakening Spoils Ortega’s Quest for Power
By Ricardo Sánchez

Lessons from the Fire
By Victor Cezar Boyadjian

What to Expect from the US-Latin America Relations in the Era of Bolsonaro?
by Nicolás Albertoni and Luis Schenoni

Plate Tectonics: Global affairs and the political earthquake of January 2019 in Venezuela
By Juan Pablo Farah