LAPJ 2019-2020 Edition

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Table of Contents



Venezuela: Migrant crisis, integration and opportunities
By Ivan Duque

Latin America’s Challenges and International Cooperation
An interview with Isabel Guerrero

Latin America’s New and Old Challenges
An interview with Mauricio Cardenas

Mexican Federal Violence-Prevention Program is Destined to Fail

By Daniel Hernández Aldaco

Who failed? Looking at the intersection of child protective services and the Penal System in Argentina

By Mercedes Sidders

The Battle for Abortion Must be Fought Beyond the Legal Arena
by Sofia Salas Ungar

Why did Macri lose?
By Ivan Goldman


The Ugly and Not – So – Ugly Truth about Social Progress in Mexico

By Valeria Moy / Valeria Mendiola

The Social Progress Index: 5 Lessons for Latin America

By Santiago Pulido

Private Debt, Public Problem? Non- Financial Corporate Debt in Chile

By Jorge F. Tudela Pye & José Tomás Valente

Municipal Institutional Capacity Assessment (MICA): a diagnostic toolkit to enable sustainable development at the municipal level informs project preparation
By Ana Aguilera, Jessica Grisanti & Nancy Lozano


An attempt to understand Argentina’s Growth Paradox
by Lucas Bertinatto, Armando Flores, Uriel Kejsefman & Mariano Sosa

Mexico: The Costs of Violence

By Monserrat Trujillo

Nocturnal Heritage: Awakening the Historic Quarter of Valparaíso
By Andreina Seijas

An Unexplored Nexus: The Central American Migration Crisis, Climate Change and Green Theory
by Leah Trotman

By Camila de la Fuente