Latin American Conference 4th Edition

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The 4th Edition of the Latin American Conference, a student-led event, is due to take place at the Harvard Kennedy School on Saturday, April 22nd 2017, under the title: “Moving Beyond The Crossroads: How Can Latin America Overcome Its Old And New Challenges?”

The Conference seeks to become a constructive space to fostering awareness and generating an open debate among students, scholars, policy makers and other stakeholders about issues related to the Latin American region.

This year, the two Keynote Speakers will be Dilma Rousseff, Former President of Brazil and Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Former President of Mexico.

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The Conference will present an agenda around three main topics that are crucial for the region’s future:

  1. New governments, challenging reforms. The panel will discuss how the new Latin American governments are shaping policy across the region, as well as some of the most difficult areas for reform in the years ahead.
  2. Economics 2020. The commodity boom is over. China is slowly decelerating. How can Latin American countries reinvent their economies in order to become key partners of the globalized world in the coming decade?
  3. The Trump Administration and its priorities in Latin America. How will US – Latam relations fare under the new American leadership? This panel will examine the Trump administration’s main challenges in the region, and the way Latin American nations can work with the new agenda.



Each topic will feature a panel of distinguished speakers both from government and the private sector, followed by a conversation with the audience.

Panel I: New governments, challenging reforms

  • Juan José Aranguren

Minister of Energy, Argentina

  • Luis Porto

Senior Advisor for Strategy and Organizational Development, OAS

  • Fernando Bustamante

Assemblyman at the National Assembly, Ecuador


Panel II: Economics 2020

  • Santiago Peña Palacios

Minister of Finance, Paraguay

  • Roberto Martínez

Head of Mexico Center for Latin America, OECD

  • Osmel Manzano

Regional Economic Advisor, IADB

  • Juan Pablo Castañón

President of the Business Coordination Council, Mexico


Panel III: The Trump Administration and its priorities in Latin America

  • Mark Feierstein

Former Senior Director for Hemispheric Affairs, Obama Administration

  • Michael Shifter

President of the Inter-American Dialogue

Sponsors include the Ash Center, Center for Public Leadership, KSSG, Mossavar-Rahmani Center, Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard, Women and Public Policy Progam, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.

Attendees will have the option of sending their CV/Resume to speakers!

You can check out more details on our website:

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